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Supported Watches and Status

Initial support for Lenovo Watch X watches.

  • Lenovo Watch X: Supported.
  • Lenovo Watch X Plus: Supported.


When connecting for the first time, be sure to delete the existing pairing with phone and original LW app or moded one, before adding it to Gadgetbridge. If there are any connection between phone and watch, Gadgetbridge can't find watch.

NB: The very first connection, i.e. when pairing, does not settle all initial settings on watch. You have to manually review all settings and togle them, then disconnect and reconnect the watch to make it fully working.

Upon successful connection, the main screen of the Gadgetbridge should look like this:

Main screen
The Main screen (click images for larger variants)


  • since November 2019. I have never had a disconnect. (Disconnect notification is always on)
  • the application never consumes more than 1-2% of the Phone battery
  • no internet connection required
  • the clock never rebooted
  • receive all notifications

Supported features


  • Discovery and pairing
  • Display firmware version and battery status
  • Calibrating date, time

Notification are generated when time on watch differs more than 2 min from phone time

  • Calibrating altitude
  • Calibrating blood pressure
  • Set up to 3 alarms
  • Show Weather forecast: depend on watch firmware

Through gadgetbridge, you can display the weather if it is in the firmware. You need to download the weather notification app - Weather notification and activate Gadgetbridge support in it's settings. In the Gadgetbridge settings field “location ... (cm / los)” leave blank.


  • User details: weight, height, age
  • User goal
  • Lift watch to turn on screen: ON/OFF
  • Watch Language: English, Chinese
  • Time format: 12/24h
  • Do not disturb: ON/OFF
  • Disconnect reminder: ON/OFF
  • Inactivity alarm: ON/OFF, inactivity period, remind period
  • Find My Phone: ON/OFF
  • Mute or dismiss Phone call with watch button
  • Mute or dismiss Phone call with shake watch
  • Watch mode: Normal, Power Saving (Bluetooth is off), Only Watch
  • Force date and time synchronize

Activity data

  • Synchronise activity data: steps, heart rate, sleep
  • Real time every 2 min heart rate monitoring and graph
  • Steps data for day recording and weekly graph
  • Sleep data recording and graph

Sleep data is not correct, it's worse than the original app


  • Notifications (Display + vibration) with differentiation between phone calls and messages
  • Phone call notifications

There are 3 modes: single notifications which last 5 sec., repeated notification from 1 to 10 times every 5 sec., continous notification durring ringing

  • Missed call notification: OFF or repeated 1 to 10 times every minute.
  • Missed call icon on watch: when there are missed call - shows Phone icon on watch (near bluettoth icon)
  • Support for cyrillic notifications

Font is ugly with spaces between characters. Depend on Watch firmware


  • Blood pressure measurement

Activated trought Debug -> Test New Functionality