A simple blog generator from the bash.
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license made for bash

BashlyBlog is a simple and small bash script for creating a blog. It reads all the Markdown files from a folder and creates a blog.


To use the script, please install the following dependencies

markdown curl sed


apt install markdown curl sed


brew install markdown curl


To install the script simply clone this repo

git clone https://codeberg.org/maltekiefer/BashlyBlog

Make the script executable

chmod +x bashlyblog.sh


To configure the blog, just rename the file




Then adjust the corresponding parameters in the config file.

For each update, the config.example is recreated. Here you can find the corresponding changes to the configuration parameters or new configuration parameters.

Create Post

Create posts in the folder posts. Important when creating posts is the filename. The first 12 characters must include the date and time (4 chars!) of creation to be displayed correctly in the blog:


Furthermore, the file must be structured as follows

First line is the title

In the third line the content will be started.

Publish the Blog

To publish the blog, simply copy the following files to the server

- index.html
- feed.rss