My fx library and factory
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All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.


Bug Fixes

  • Load parallel files AFTER the "synths"
  • Make *path variable
  • Make *path be set at compilation


  • Document pattern fx classes


  • Add vocoder
  • Add browse
  • Add lockhart wavefolder
  • Add VA filters from PortedPlugins
  • Add fadeIn to effect
  • Add \klank
  • Add release envelope to synthdef
  • Add releaseTime to MParFX
  • Add lagTime to all params
  • Add bandsplitter synths
  • Add parallel processing synthdefs
  • Add *installFaustPlugins
  • Add 4 band parallel effect generator
  • Add simple faust multiband compressor
  • Add faust equalizers and delays
  • Add eq3, multicomp3 synths and more faust files
  • Add files and faustFiles to startup
  • Autocompile faust plugins
  • Add Granola engine and Musli UGen
  • Add datorroplusplus and andromeda


  • Add multiband compressor first edition

[0.002] - 2021-12-30


  • Add M_PFX for pattern fx
  • Rename ParFX and add lambda version
  • Add timemachine
  • Add *load
  • Add AnalogPhaser
  • Add check