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My Minisign and Age keys

My Minisign key: RWQtKYAZegCkBM6lRyq8jJdLqqN2k6mClhd6zc0wVnrp4TFjTc9K5X/d

My Age key: age1t04fty25qjhs9nhyzf99rvxd9ymseed4xe6cpqxxhxfmjvx7ss9srum8x0

My PGP key is available on major federating keyservers. To be sure, use PGP Fingerprint: A2EC B06B F2E9 0011 CF11 AB70 4263 1D8E 49B2 7DD9. Please, do not use my PGP key for encryption. I prefer Age.

My previous and now distrusted keys will be listed in Notices/prev-keys for verifying notices