Distributopia = distributed utopia. The name's inspired by Framasoft's "Contributopia". Mainly, small Fediverse projects / research.
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💀 Pirate party representatives in Fediverse

Accounts silent for 6 months - in inactive table. Accounts silent for 1 year not included.

"Unique Fedi content" indicates that the account interacts with Fediverse users (i.e., reposts them, mentions, replies to comments), providing unique content available only via federating networks. "Bot accounts" provide automatic crosspots from Twitter, RSS feed or other source.

✔ Active / Unique Fedi content

url region network
@echo_pbreyer@chaos.social Germany Mastodon
@marcel_kolaja@mastodon.pirati.cz Czech republic Mastodon
@piraten_saarland@mastodon.social Saarland Mastodon
@hopidd@chaos.social Dresden Mastodon
@piraten_dresden@video.dresden.network Dresden PeerTube
@piratendresden@pirati.ca Dresden Mastodon
@piratenbonn@pod.geraspora.de Bonn diaspora
@piratenrheinerft@pirati.ca Rhein-Erft Friendica
@ppbe@mastodon.pirateparty.be Belgium Mastodon
@liege@mastodon.pirateparty.be Liège Mastodon
@partit_pirata@mastodont.cat Catalonia Mastodon
@Piratenpartij@social.globalpirates.net Netherlands Mastodon
@ppdelft@mastodon.pirateparty.be Delft Mastodon
@PartiPirate@mastodon.partipirate.org France Mastodon
@piratpartiet@mastodon.social Sweden Mastodon

✔ Active Bot

url region network
@PPRU@mastodon.pirateparty.be Russia Mastodon

Active servers

url region network
social.globalpirates.net global Mastodon
peertube.european-pirates.eu Europe PeerTube
ikbenpiraat.nl Netherlands Pleroma
tv.pirati.cz Czech republic PeerTube
mastodon.pirati.cz Czech republic Mastodon
piraten-partei.social Germany Mastodon
piratenpartei.social Germany Friendica
piraten.space Koeln PeerTube
pirati.ca - Friendica
pirati.cc - GNU Social


url region network
social.piratenpartei.koeln Koeln - bad cert Mastodon
@piratepartygr@mastodon.social Greece Mastodon
@taunuspiraten@mastodon.social Taunus Mastodon

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