WordPress Plugin that mirrors Events from Mobilizon to your WordPress Site.
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This is the Source-Code of the WordPress-Plugin Mobilizon Mirror.

This plugin syncs Mobilizon events via creating it's own read only custom post type inside WordPress. You can choose any Mobilizon-group on any Mobilizon-instance that you like.

Features, Setup-Guide, FAQs etc.:

On the official Plugin-Site: https://wordpress.org/plugins/mobilizon-mirror/


This plugin is free software. Anyone is invited to contribute.

I don't code, but I still like to help

  1. Create an issue here. Problems, bugs as well as ideas or suggestions are welcome.

  2. If you have a wordpress.org account you can also use the plugins forum, though codeberg is prefered.

  3. Lastly you can also contact me on mastodon: https://graz.social/@linos.

Help out with your code

Pull requests are also welcome. Please, just be sure that you have at least some basic understanding of the WordPress Plugin-Guidelines.