WordPress Plugin that mirrors Events from Mobilizon to your WordPress Site.
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This is the Source-Code of the WordPress-Plugin Mobilizon Mirror.

This plugin syncs Mobilizon events via creating it's own read only custom post type inside WordPress. You can choose any Mobilizon-group on any Mobilizon-instance that you like.

Features, Setup-Guide, FAQs etc.:

On the official Plugin-Site: https://wordpress.org/plugins/mobilizon-mirror/


This plugin is free software. Anyone is invited to contribute.

I'd like to help out with some code

If you have an idea on what you would like to work on please look if there is already corresponding issue request and get in touch with me there. If not it's bet you open one or contact me any other way you like before you actually start coding.

Please ensure that you have read the WordPress Plugin-Guidelines.

I don't code, but I still like to help

  1. Create an issue here. Problems, bugs as well as ideas or suggestions are welcome.

  2. If you have a wordpress.org account you can also use the plugins forum, though codeberg is prefered.

  3. Lastly you can also contact me on mastodon: https://graz.social/@linos.