An experimental Event Sourcing database [Work in Progress]
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An experimental Event Sourcing database

This is an incomplete Work in Progress


xeDB is an experimentation platform for creating a specialized database for Event Sourcing applications.

In its first iteration, it aims to become a very minimal implementation of an Event Sourcing database, focused on write operations and consciously lacking sophisticated optimizations and caching, just to set a baseline.

The iterations following the initial experimental release are for incrementally improving and optimizing xeDB, measuring and comparing its performance with the previous versions.

The long-term goal is to develop a well-written, secure and fast database, specialized for Event Sourcing. One day, xeDB might even reach a level of stability, maturity and performance that it will be good enough for production use.


Currently, xeDB is not fit for practical use. Any non-experimental use, especially use in production, is strongly discouraged.

For development, xeDB uses Rust as its programming language and Cargo as its build tool and package manager.

Versioning + Releases

  • The latest release is: none
  • The release currently in development is: v0.1.0 - The baseline

xeDB uses Semantic Versioning.

For details on the individual releases and the changes between them, please read the release log.


The xeDB software package is licensed under the MPLv2 license.

For details, look into the LICENSE file in the root of the source code distribution of this software.