• 2.9.9 596a0671d1

    2.9.9 Stable

    technomancy released this 2022-08-05 18:08:29 +00:00 | 68 commits to main since this release

    • Migrate the repository from Github to Codeberg. (Phil Hagelberg)
    • Fix a bug in new where template group-ids could be ignored. (Phil Hagelberg)
    • Work around a change in Java 9 which broke template listing. (Phil Hagelberg)
    • Fix a bug in pedantic checks which resulted in infinite loops. (Phil Hagelberg)
    • Prevent module-info.class files from being included in uberjars. (Phil Hagelberg)
    • Prevent duplicate warnings in resource-paths when creating jars. (Phil Hagelberg)
    • Fix an issue with check where AOT would shadow reflection warnings. (Phil Hagelberg)
    • Allow change to edit dependency versions. (Eric Schoen)
    • Fix a bug where composite profiles would leak dependencies downstream. (Phil Hagelberg)
    • Allow repl to bind to filesystem sockets via :headless :socket PATH (Rob Browning)