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OGC Services WPS, WMS, WFS, WCS, PyWPS, OWSLib, MapServer, GeoServer, PyCSW
Simulation MASON, GeoMASON, NetLogo, RePAST
GeoComputation PostGis, GRASS, R, GDAL, Shapely, Fiona, Proj, IDL
Desktop QGis, gvSIG, uDig, Idrisi, ArcGIS, Geomatica, eCognition
Web Mapping GeoExt, OpenLayers, MapFish

Software Architecture

Model-Driven Development
Acceleo, Papyrus, Enterprise Architect, Model-Driven Architecture
Enterprise Architecture
Enterprise Ontology, Archimate, Business Motivation Model, ISO/IEC/IEEE 42010

Software Engineering

Data-bases PostgreSQL, Oracle, Firebird, MySQL
RAD Django, Ruby on Rails, Vaadin, ASP.Net
Tools Eclipse, Git,, GitLab, ReadTheDocs, L A TEX, SVN