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My website project, online at


The master branch of this repository contains the Hugo sources. These need to be generated into the static website using the hugo CLI program (i.e. hugo --minify).

The site is deployed to a nearlyfreespeech server. The / script deploys the site to the server. The is the old deploy script, which deployed the site to different branches in Codeberg Pages.


In order to minify the JS and CSS, you need uglifycss and uglify-js.

npm install -g uglify-js uglifycss

If any of the CSS files are modified, re-generate the bundle with:

cd $WEB/themes/langurmonkey/static/css
uglifycss theme-pink-blue.css main.css add-on.css fork-awesome.css > site-bundle.css

Same with the JavaScript files:

cd $WEB/themes/langurmonkey/static/js
uglifyjs darkmode.js jquery.min.js skel.min.js codeblock.js util.js main.js > site-bundle.js

To minify everything at once, do:


Note that you need to run this script in order for the CSS to be applied, as the website itself only links the minified bundle file!

Choose CSS theme

The minifcation step includes the theme. By default, theme-pink-blue is used. If you want to change it, just pass it as an argument to

# The theme is the file name without the .css extension
scripts/ theme-name

In order to generate the static gallery you will need thumbsup and also exiftool-json-db in your path (for EXIF data). Additionally, install the following packages with pacman.

npm install thumbsup exiftool-json-db --unsafe-perm=true
pacman -S gifsicle dcraw imagemagick perl-image-exiftool ffmpeg

The gallery theme is in the gallery-theme/ directory of this repository. Generate the gallery from a set of static files using the provided configuration file:

$  thumbsup --input ./folder-with-photos --output ./output-folder --config $WEB/thubmsup-config.json

Or use the full version with all the attributes:

$  thumbsup --input ./folder-with-photos --output ./output-folder --embed-exif --title "Toni Sagrista Selles - Photo gallery" --theme-path $WEB/gallery-theme --photo-preview link --photo-download link --link-prefix "" --sort-albums-by end-date --sort-albums-direction desc --sort-media-direction desc

The original photos are hosted in gaiasandbox's ARI page. Since HUGO in Codeberg Pages does not allow any folder called /public within /static, rename it to /assets. The generated index.html file already points to the renamed folder, so no need to replace any strings.

You can then copy the contents of ./output-folder to $WEB/static/photo-gallery/ and commit.

Mathematical formulas

The MathJax JavaScript library is not included by default in the pages. If you need to use Latex-like formulas in a post, you must include the JavaScript file in the post source like this:

<!-- Loading MathJax -->
<script type="text/javascript" id="MathJax-script" async src="/js/mathjax3.js"></script>