🌌 A slick, yet tiny lightbox gallery for Vue.js https://os.karamoff.dev/vue-tinybox/
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A slick, yet tiny lightbox gallery for Vue.js

  • Slick. No excessive design. Pictures, thumbnails, controls.
  • Tiny. Dependency-free. 3 KB minified and gzipped.
  • Adaptive. Works on computers. Works on tablets. Works on phones.


Observe the live demo here: os.karamoff.dev/vue-tinybox

Basic usage




  1. Include the link to Tinybox in <head> alongside Vue.js:

    <script src="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/vue"></script>
    <script src="https://cdn.jsdelivr.net/npm/vue-tinybox"></script>
  2. Tinybox will auto-install upon detecting the global Vue instance. You can use it right away.

Node environment

  1. Install the Tinybox package:

    npm install vue-tinybox
    # or
    yarn add vue-tinybox
  2. Register it as you usually would:

    import Tinybox from "vue-tinybox";
    // or
    const Tinybox = require('vue-tinybox');
    Vue.component('Tinybox', Tinybox);
    new Vue({
        components: { Tinybox },
        // ... 


Image object

An Image object is an object with following fields:

Field name Type Description
src String Image URL
thumbnail String (optional) Thumbnail URL. If omitted, the image URL will be used
caption String (optional) Caption text to be overlayed on the image
alt String (optional) Alt text. If omitted, the caption will be used


Prop name Type Default Description
images Array [] List of either image URLs or Image objects
loop Boolean false Indicates whether the images should loop
no-thumbs Boolean false When enabled, the thumbnails are hidden


You can use v-model on a Number variable, which will hold the index of the image currently open. If no image is open (i.e. Tinybox is closed), the value becomes null.

Instead of v-model you can use the index prop and change event:


<!-- is equivalent to -->

    @change="(i) => {index = i}"


Event name Payload Description
change index of the image changed to Is emitted on any image change (thumbnail navigation, prev/next, close)
prev/next index of the image changed to Is emitted specifically when the user clicks "Prev"/"Next" or presses Left/Right arrow key
close index of the image Tinybox was closed at Is emitted specifically when the user clicks "Close" or presses the Esc key

Events can come in handy for business logic cases:

export default {
    // ...
    methods: {
        onChange(index) {
            console.log("User navigated to the photo: ", index);
        onPrevious(index) {
            console.log("User clicked 'previous' to switch to: ", index);
        onNext(index) {
            console.log("User clicked 'previous' to switch to: ", index);
        onClose(index) {
            console.log("User closed TinyBox on this photo: ", index);

Browser support

Chrome Firefox Safari MS Edge Internet Explorer
21+ 28+ 7+ 16+ 11