[MIRROR] Low-fat task runner. https://github.com/kytta/skyr
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Low-fat task runner.

Skyr is a task runner, similar to Make. Just like Make, it can have tasks that depend on each other and are executed only if a file changes. But, unlike Make, Skyr doesn't actually have to be installed on your machine to run. That's because Skyr uses Shell scripts to define build commands and looks for special comments for special features. This means you can very easily integrate Skyr into your existing project.


pipx install skyr

Using plain pip

pip install --user skyr

Drop-in executable

wget "https://raw.githubusercontent.com/kytta/skyr/main/skyr.py"


For example, to execute script/test:

skyr test

If you don't provide the script name, it will default to build:

skyr  # same as 'skyr build'

By default, Skyr searches for your scripts inside ./.skyr/ and ./script. To change that, use --script-dir:

skyr --script-dir ./dev/ test


  • Basic script running: Run .sh, .bash, .zsh, and other files from the script/ directory.
  • Target dependencies: Run scripts if other depend on them.
  • Dependency age: Run scripts only if the files it depends on changed.
  • Script validation: Check that Skyr understands the scripts it was given.
  • Make mode: Support running very basic Makefiles.
  • Make migration mode: Support migrating from a Makefile to a script/ directory.
  • Just mode: Support running very basic Justfiles.
  • Just migration mode: Support migrating from just to a script/ directory.


© 2023 Nikita Karamov
Code licensed under the ISC License.

This project is hosted on GitHub: https://github.com/kytta/skyr.git