Collection of configuration files
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language: en
timeFormat: 02 Jan 2006 15:04
showRandomTip: false
showBottomLine: true
showIcons: false
- key: <c-r>
command: subl .
context: status
loadingText: Opening...
description: open current project in Sublime Text
- key: <c-p>
command: git remote prune {{.SelectedRemote.Name}}
context: remotes
loadingText: Pruning...
description: prune deleted remote branches
- key: <c-c>
command: git commit -m "{{index .PromptResponses 0}}" --author="{{index .PromptResponses 1}} <{{index .PromptResponses 2}}>"
context: files
- type: input
title: Message
initialValue: ''
- type: input
title: Author Name
initialValue: ''
- type: input
title: Author Email
initialValue: ''
loadingText: Committing...
description: commit as non-default author