Use local SVG or Webfont icons, or include Iconify icon packs in your templates
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django-local-icons makes working with icons for your websites way easier.

It provides useful template tags for including SVG- and Webfont-based icons, either from local files or from the web. And with a handy manage script, you can download icons from Iconify framework for self-hosting.


1. Install django-local-icons as you would install a Python package, i.e. with pip, pipenv, Poetry, etc.

  1. Include local_icons in your INSTALLED_APPS:

        ...,  # other apps
  2. Load the icons with a template tag:

    {% load local_icons %}
    {# This will include '/static/icons/person_outline.svg' #}
    {% icon 'person_outline' %}
  3. Check out the docs at



Copyright © 2022, Nikita Karamov
Licensed under the BSD 3-Clause "New" or "Revised" License

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