Projects and snippets from my CS classes
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Kazan Federal University, Higher School of Information Technology and Information Systems, group 11-702

Table of contents

First semester (2017)

  • 03.10 - /List - implementation of an expandable array class (ArrayList-like) with methods.
  • 10.10 - /Auto - create Parking and Vehicle classes s.o they can interact
  • 17.10 - /Television - create a working TV model with Television singleton class and an attached Remote. A Television has 10 Channels and is controlled via Remote. Every channel has 4 Shows.
  • 24.10 - /Geometry - working with different shapes to show how extending classes works.
  • 24.10 - /EasyTasks - different little problems solved without OOP.
  • 07.11 - /MyScanner - a file scanner, reads integers and lines from file.
  • 28.11 - /BlackjackAndLambdas - mapping and filtering of a list of integers.
  • 05.12 - /BinarySearch - binary search algorithm for a sorted array of positive integers.
  • 05.12 - /PointAnalyzer - build lines out of points (it's complicated, idk how to explain).
  • 05.12 - /PointAnalyzerFX - graphic interface version of PointAnalyzer.
  • 12.12 - /PointAnalyzer2.0 - PointAnalyzer that works faster and better (because binary search, baby).
  • 12.12 - /TemperatureAnalyzer - analyze weather data and output least difference between month average and year average.

Second semester (2018)

  • 08.02 - /BiggerBetterNumber - finds amount of numbers that are built from the same digits and are bigger than the original.
  • 08.02 - /BigMath - big arithmetics (addition and multiplication).
  • 15.02 - /Lists - custom coded Collection and List interfaces, ArrayList and LinkedList classes. Supports sorting.
  • 21.02 - /PointsHiLo - determines if the point is higher or lower than a vector, if the latter becomes the x-axis
  • 23.02 - /HullFinder - finds the hull, surrounding all the given points.
  • 01.03 - /CodeAnalyzer - a simple compiler, supporting variable input and basic arithmetics between them.
  • 14.03 - /BST - binary search tree implementation.
  • 15.03 - /HashMap - homemade Java HashMap.
  • 11.04 - /TreeOptimizer - optimizes a tree by reducing the number of its nodes' children.
  • 12.04 - /ThreadSum - counts the sum of a random array using multiple Threads (that's not optimal by any means).
  • 19.04 - /FindCars - find the amount of cars that users of every specified age have.
  • 23.04 - /LeeAlgorithm - finds the shortest way between two points in a maze.
  • 03.05 - /jcommanderloader - loads compiled .class files from a folder and displays its constructors, fields and methods.
  • 13.05 - /GraphOutput - output some graph as an array or something.
  • 29.05 - /IsThatTree - based on adjacency matrix defines whether the graph is a tree (or a forest) or not.
  • ??? - /Matrixer - something about storing a big table and quickly searching through it. I don't even know if it's finished or not.
  • ??? - /ExpressionTree - trying to implement the expression tree. Calculation is done, parsing is questionable.

Third semester (2018)

  • 18.09 - /mcdrive - project to learn the concept of databases and their connection to Java. This project simulates a system that could be implemented in McDrive and/or other fastfood drive-ins.
  • 27.11 - /basketdemo - little project, demonstrating how a shopping cart in an online store would work. Supports cookies, adding and removing from cart.


Unlicense — released into the public domain.