Some small tools I've built to help manage simple WordPress/ClassicPress plugin development, including scripting the SVN release
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WordPress Plugin Dev Tools

by Kelson Vibber

Version 0.9 (2022-06-05)

Some simple tools I wrote to help with for WordPress and ClassicPress plugin development


WordPress plugin development tool that takes in a file that's formatted for use in forges like Github, converts the headings, and outputs a readme.txt file in WordPress' preferred flavor of Markdown. This is not strictly necessary since the WordPress Plugin Directory does parse files, it's just not well-documented outside their bug tracking system. Also, the ClassicPress Plugin Directory specifically does want a readme.txt.


Run it in the main directory of your plugin repository, where your is.


Automates the steps needed to release a plugin (or just update the trunk) through WordPress' SVN repository.


Create a release-svn folder in your git repository (and add it to .gitignore). (If you want to use a different name, edit the RELEASEDIR variable in the script.)

Edit the list of files to include in the svn repository.

To update the trunk, checkout the branch you want to copy.

To prepare a release, create a tag in Git for the release version with the pattern vx.y.z, ex. v1.2.3

Run it in the main folder of the plugin's Git repository:

   wprelease-svn           Updates local trunk only
   wprelease-svn trunk     Pushes trunk to WordPress' SVN (useful for updating Readme)
   wprelease-svn x.y.z     Creates an svn tag for x.y.z and pushes to WordPress,
                           releasing the update. (Git must have a vx.y.z tag.)


Automatically builds a zip file for the plugin.


Checkout the branch you want to build.

Edit the list of files to include.

Run the script in the repository's main folder.


  • Documentation
  • Auto-detect current folder name for building zip
  • Configuration for which files to include