Turkish mangala game library https://kurth4cker.codeberg.page/libmangala
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Turkish mancala game library. Turkish mancala (mangala) is a board game. This
library focus on providing simple game initialization, turn handling and game
check functions. So programmers don't need to worry about mangala related
handling issues. Just call a function for starting a turn, another for playing
turn and another for doing end-of-game tasks.

A C99-compiler and POSIX make.

Enter the following command to build and install libmangala
(if necessary as root):

	make install

For customizing installation directories you can set up PREFIX, BINDIR, and
MANDIR. Also you can use standart flag variables like CFLAGS and CPPFLAGS. For
example (for installing to users home directory):

	make install PREFIX=$HOME/.local

Include the header mangala.h in your code and link against libmangala with
"-lmangala". You don't need libmangala at your programs runtime. libmangala
provides only a static library ("libmangala.a") because of it is very little

See libmangala(3).


kurth4cker <kurth4cker@tutanota.com>