... basiert auf Conversations und ist ein Open Source XMPP/Jabber Messenger für Android https://codeberg.org/kriztan
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General information

  • Version: 3.0.0
  • Device: Xiaomi Mi A1
  • Android Version: Android 10 (stock)
  • Server name: blabber.im, conversations.im, jabber.de or self hosted
  • Server software: ejabberd 19.09.1 or prosody 0.11.3 (if known)
  • Installed server modules: Stream Managment, CSI, MAM
  • Pix-Art Messenger source: PlayStore, PlayStore Beta Channel, F-Droid, Github, Codeberg, self build (latest HEAD)

Steps to reproduce

  1. ?
  2. ?

Expected result

What is the expected output?

Actual result

What do you see instead?

Debug output

Please post the output of adb logcat. The log should begin with the start of blabber.im and include all the steps it takes to reproduce the problem.

Linux: adb -d logcat -v time | grep -i blabber.im > logcat.txt
Windows: adb -d logcat -v time | FINDSTR blabber.im > logcat.txt