• Pre-Release 029db03e46

    3.1.0 beta_(2022-03-18)

    kriztan released this 2 months ago | 0 commits to master since this release

    • remove Android 4 support
    • update WebRTC
    • show channel avatars and number of users for channel discovery (blabber.im)
    • add ability to ex-/import app settings (blabber.im)
    • implement message retraction XEP-0424 (blabber.im)
    • implement message history for corrected messages (blabber.im)
    • add text formatting buttons in chat (blabber.im)
    • hide text formatting in chats (blabber.im)
    • add ability to delete own avatar (blabber.im)
    • show black bars when remote video does not match aspect ratio of screen
    • improve search performance
    • bug fixes