• Stable 2.4.1 1bcbdd12cf


    kriztan released this 2 years ago | 0 commits to master since this release

    • move call icon to the left in order to keep other toolbar icons in a consistent place
    • show call duration during audio calls
    • tie breaking for A/V calls (the same two people calling each other at the same time)
    • add ability to pin chats on top (add to favorites)
    • offer to record voice message when callee is busy
    • reduce echo during calls on some devices
    • fix login when passwords contains special characters
    • play dial and busy tones on speaker during video calls
    • move channel discovery choice to ChannelDiscoveryActivity menu (PAM)
    • colorize accept/dismiss actions in call notification (PAM)
    • don't end call on pressing back key (PAM)
    • show used account for calls (PAM)
    • notify on missed calls (PAM)
    • bug fixes