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Blocklist/Blacklist for pihole
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ad spam blacklist for pihole/adguard


Presently i only use my Kreisklasse blocklists on a Raspberry Pi2 running

and as DNS-Server the servers (DoT & DoH) from NextDNS.io with some blocklist active.

My block lists:

Main blocklist: https://codeberg.org/kreisklasse/pihole-blocklists/raw/branch/master/kkblacklist.txt

Test list, wait and see if it breaks anything: https://codeberg.org/kreisklasse/pihole-blocklists/raw/branch/master/kkblacklisttest.txt

Special list for blocking Google, Facebook, Amazon,Apple, Microsoft: https://codeberg.org/kreisklasse/pihole-blocklists/raw/branch/master/kkblacklist-gafam.txt

List with urls that annoy me: https://codeberg.org/kreisklasse/pihole-blocklists/raw/branch/master/kkblacklist-privat.txt