Reads tokenized GFA BASIC version 3.x source files (.GFA) and converts them to human readable ASCII listings (.LST).
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= History =================================== PLASMA #PAPAYA#
* 0.01.a 09.06.2003 <rtc>
- gfalist.c/process(), sky.c/gf4tp_getdi, sky.h, tables.c/gfarecl[]:
Added rudimentary support for recognition of files written by
Amiga/MS-DOS/Windows interpreters.
* 0.00.a.pl11 29.05.2003 <rtc>
- Implemented manifest file distribution file exclusion
- Compacted code a bit.
- Makefile: Improved distribution packing wiring.
- Now builds rpms from package in current directory.
* 0.00.a.pl10 08.09.2002 <lp>
- sky.c/gf4tp_tp(): Fixed some minor comment alignment problems.
- tables.c/gfalct[]: Fixed TRON token expansion.
* 0.00.a.pl9 06.09.2002 <lp>
- sky.c/gf4tp_tp(): Corrected quote decoding in strings.
* 0.00.a.pl8 01.09.2002 <rtc>
- charset.c/charset[]: Added some more tokens and fixed existing ones.
* 0.00.a.pl7 26.08.2002 <lp>
- tables.c/gfalct[]: added missing tokens: 192 'MONITOR', 1724 'MAT NEG',
1728 'MAT ABS'
* 0.00.a.pl6 30.09.2001 <rtc>
- Made build more flexible.
- sky.h/struct gfainf_t, struct gfahdr_t, struct gfalin_t: Removed '_t'
in those structure tags. '_t' as a variable suffix is reserved
by POSIX and should generally be used for types only, not for tags.
- tables.c: Fixed indenting. Several lines had tabulators in them
which really should be space.
* 0.00.a.pl5 10.09.2001 <rtc>
- Converted the wole SKY thing to C and wrote some funky build toys.
- Translated most strings to English, including this history file.
- Split SKY as a library from the GF4TP token processor program
- Allow negative indent values.
- sky.c: Handle label indendation case.
- sky.c: Sometimes superfluous spaces were appended. In the most obvious
cases this was corrected. Maybe there are some left.
- sky.c: Each .GFA file is ended by a line which only contains an end
of file marker. This case was fixed to not erroneously output an
empty line.
* 0.00.a.pl4 06.10.1996 <rtc>
- sky.gfa/gf4tp_scan_header(): made dimensioning take place *after* the
maximum variable count has been being read
- sky.gfa/gf4tp_getmax(): New. Does exactly what is says.
- sky.gfa/gf4tp_tp$(): Cleaned up the command tokens which are followed by
two, four or six bytes of additional information. Some were duplicate,
some at the wrong place (especially FOR and NEXT tokens).
- sky.gfa/gf4tp_tp$(): Corrected forgotten addition at SELECT x$ (Noticed
when trying to decode ERGO_TP)
* 0.00.a.pl3 23.09.1996 <rtc>
- sky.gfa/gf4tp_init(): Reading variable suffixes
- sky.gfa/gf4tp_tp$(): Extreme shortening by using indexed variable suffixes
- sky.gfa/gf4tp_tp$(): Fixed forgotten decreasing of variable number in word
format variable tokens had been forgotten (noticed randomly)
- sky.gfa/gf4tp_tp$(): folded procedures now defined via tokens.
* 0.00.a <rtc>
- First alpha version