A GPS-rawdata/gpx track logging daemon for TomTom devices.
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Release notes for Version 1.00 (June 2008)
- first version
Release notes for Version 1.01 (Dec 2008)
- now itn files are created from the log files.
(they can be used for route planning). The Files do appear in the /mnt/sdcard/itn folder.
Make sure that it exists.
Release notes for Version 1.02 (Dec 2008)
* We now have an icon to start TTTracklog.
* minor changes
Release notes for Version 1.03 (Dec 2008)
* new: whereami
Release notes for Version 1.04 (Dec 2008)
* now course and speed included in .gpx file.
Release notes for Version 1.05 (Dec 2008)
* now more digits of position is stored in .gpx file.
The full acuracy is now saved. This was a bug.
Release notes for Version 1.06 (Jan 2009)
* now the pdop,hdop and/or vdop values (precision of position)
are also saved to the gpx files, as well as the number of
sattelites used for position determination.
* added new commandline option -d (so the logfiles can be stored on
the external SDCARD, if a directory is specified)
Release notes for Version 1.07 (Mar 2009)
* 2009-03-27: new commandline options --gi and --ii
* 2009-03-30: fixed timestamp bug (leads to wrong month in track statistic)
* 2009-04-06: added average speed in the track summary statistics
Release notes for Version 1.08 (Apr 2009)
* 2009-04-12: new commandline options --gc, --ic and --ti
now multiple tracks (tours) in .gpx file
extended summary (global and for individual tours)
* 2009-04-11: fixed bug (incorrect pause times in .itn files after switchoff)
* 2009-04-08: new commandline options --gm and --im
Release notes for Version 1.09 (Apr 2009)
* Added more debug messages to track a bug (segfault) with Navcore 8.2
* Fixed bug with -g and -i options (did not work)
* Added option to gzip the logfiles (TTTracklog-wrapper)
* Added option to automatically remove old logfiles
* Added option to gzip gpx-files
* Increased the internal buffer from 16 kBytes to 24 kBytes. (Now the save
interval should be about 150 Trackpoints or 15 Minutes)
* Now the log-buffer is saved on termination, also if only partly full.
* New Option --ih
* Fixed bug with data-filenames at change at midnight. (introduced in V.1.06)
* Fixed little bugs here and there.
* Added support for local timezone.
* New commandline option --il
* Extended commandline options --ii, --im, --ic
* New commandline options --gnt, --gnd
Release notes for Version 1.10 (Apr/May 2009)
* new version of whereami
* Modified the --gnd distance calculation
* Added total average to Track summary
* --gnt and --gnd can now be combined
* Extended commandline options --gi, --gm, --gc
Release notes for Version 1.11 (May 2009)
* New commandline option --clean
* fixed memory allocation problem on firmware 8.2
* fixed bug with ranges for lat and lon on eastern (and southern) hemisphere.
Release notes for Version 1.12 (May 2009)
* New commandline options --decimate --gnn
* New Feature in whereami: process input .itn file
* bug fixed in --decimate Algorithm
* added --ds command line option
* speed now saved in m/s according to gpx specs
* added trailing "|" to entries in itn files (conforms now with itn specs)
Release notes for Version 1.13 (June 2009 to Dec 2009)
* New commandline options --gh and --gwp
* Problem solved with last Waypoint in .gpx file, using --gwp
Release notes for Version 1.14 (January 2010)
* New commandline options: --aac, --amc and --agc
* New commandline option: --gpsdev (automatic start at boot now possible)
* 2010-02-08 Now no RAM mamory is allocated in case of -s and -g and -i and
not -a is set. (only nmea-log output). This is useful on devices with very
low free RAM memory. (in which case the .log file has to be processed
externally e.g. with log2itn)
* 2010-10-17 Increased the maximum number of Waypoints from 1000 to 4000