A fast MQTT dashboard application and rule engine framework written in C for Linux, Raspberry Pi and WINDOWS.
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/* HYPERDASH.H (c) Markus Hoffmann */
/* This file is part of MQTT-Hyperdash, the MQTT Dashboard
* ============================================================
* MQTT-Hyperdash is free software and comes with NO WARRANTY - read the file
* COPYING for details
#ifndef __HYPERDASH
#define __HYPERDASH
#define EL_IGNORE 0
#define EL_COMPOUND 0x2000
#define EL_BROKER 0x1000
#define EL_PANEL 0x800
#define EL_DYNAMIC 0x100
#define EL_INPUT 0x200
#define EL_VISIBLE 0x400
#define EL_TYPMASK 0x3f00
#include "subscribe.h"
typedef struct {
unsigned int opcode;
const char *name;
void (*init)();
void (*draw)();
void (*update)();
int (*click)();
char * (*tostring)();
typedef struct {
short type;
short x,y,w,h;
short x2,y2;
short linewidth;
short revert;
unsigned long agc;
unsigned long bgc; /* Background color */
unsigned long fgc; /* Foreground color */
char *font;
int fontsize;
char *topic;
char *subtopic;
char *text;
char *line;
char *filename;
char *format;
double min,max;
double increment;
double amin,amax;
STRING label[10];
STRING data[10];
STRING data2[10];
unsigned long labelcolor[10];
int subscription;
int fontnr;
typedef struct {
char *name;
int anzelement;
ELEMENT *tree;
int panelelement;
char *buffer;
int bufferlen;
int isconnected;
int anzsubscriptions;
SUBSCRIPTION *subscriptions;
extern int verbose;
extern char icondir[];
extern char bitmapdir[];
extern char fontdir[];
extern char dashboarddir[];
extern char hyperdashdir[];
extern int do_show_invisible;
extern const int anzeltyp;
extern const ELDEF eltyps[];
void hyperdash_set_defaults();
DASH *new_dash(const char *filename);
DASH *load_dash(const char *filename);
DASH *merge_dash(DASH *dash, const char *fname);
void save_dash(DASH *dash, const char *filename);
void free_dash(DASH *dash);
void init_dash(DASH *dash);
void close_dash(DASH *dash);
void draw_dash(DASH *dash, WINDOW *win);
int handle_dash(DASH *dash, WINDOW *win);
void update_topic_message(int sub,const char *, STRING message);
int find_element(DASH *dash,int st, int x, int y, unsigned int mask, unsigned int match);
char *element2a(ELEMENT *el);
void call_a_dash(char *filename);
void delete_element(DASH *dash, int idx);
void free_element(ELEMENT *el);
void add_element(DASH *dash, ELEMENT *el);
ELEMENT duplicate_element(ELEMENT *el);
void insert_element(DASH *dash, int idx, ELEMENT *el);
ELEMENT default_element(int type,unsigned long int fgc,unsigned long int bgc, const char *font);
void scale_element(ELEMENT *el,int w,int h);
int edit_element(ELEMENT *el);
void init_element(ELEMENT *el,const char *line);
void publish_element(ELEMENT *el,STRING a, int qos);
char *element_get_current_value(ELEMENT *el);