A fast MQTT dashboard application and rule engine framework written in C for Linux, Raspberry Pi and WINDOWS.
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/* ELEMENTS.H (c) Markus Hoffmann */
/* This file is part of MQTT-Hyperdash, the MQTT Dashboard
* ============================================================
* MQTT-Hyperdash is free software and comes with NO WARRANTY - read the file
* COPYING for details
/* Here the definitions of the individual element functions: */
void i_broker(ELEMENT *el,char *pars);
char *s_broker(ELEMENT *el);
void i_panel(ELEMENT *el,char *pars);
void d_panel(ELEMENT *el,WINDOW *win);
int c_panel(ELEMENT *el,WINDOW *win,int x, int y, int b);
char *s_panel(ELEMENT *el);
void i_compound(ELEMENT *el,char *pars);
void d_compound(ELEMENT *el,WINDOW *win);
char *s_compound(ELEMENT *el);
void i_bar(ELEMENT *el,char *pars);
int c_bar(ELEMENT *el,WINDOW *win,int x, int y, int b);
char *s_bar(ELEMENT *el);
void i_bitmap(ELEMENT *el,char *pars);
void d_bitmap(ELEMENT *el,WINDOW *win);
char *s_bitmap(ELEMENT *el);
void i_bitmaplabel(ELEMENT *el,char *pars);
void d_bitmaplabel(ELEMENT *el,WINDOW *win);
void u_bitmaplabel(ELEMENT *el,WINDOW *win, char *message, int);
char *s_bitmaplabel(ELEMENT *el);
void i_scmdlabel(ELEMENT *el,char *pars);
void u_scmdlabel(ELEMENT *el,WINDOW *win, char *message, int);
char *s_scmdlabel(ELEMENT *el);
void i_box(ELEMENT *el,char *pars);
void d_box(ELEMENT *el,WINDOW *win);
char *s_box(ELEMENT *el);
void d_circle(ELEMENT *el,WINDOW *win);
void i_frame(ELEMENT *el,char *pars);
void d_frame(ELEMENT *el,WINDOW *win);
int c_frame(ELEMENT *el,WINDOW *win,int x, int y, int b);
char *s_frame(ELEMENT *el);
void i_framelabel(ELEMENT *el,char *pars);
void d_framelabel(ELEMENT *el,WINDOW *win);
void u_framelabel(ELEMENT *el,WINDOW *win, char *message, int);
char *s_framelabel(ELEMENT *el);
void d_hbar(ELEMENT *el,WINDOW *win);
void u_hbar(ELEMENT *el,WINDOW *win, char *message, int);
void d_vbar(ELEMENT *el,WINDOW *win);
void u_vbar(ELEMENT *el,WINDOW *win, char *message, int);
void i_icon(ELEMENT *el,char *pars);
void d_icon(ELEMENT *el,WINDOW *win);
char *s_icon(ELEMENT *el);
void i_line(ELEMENT *el,char *pars);
void d_line(ELEMENT *el,WINDOW *win);
char *s_line(ELEMENT *el);
void i_pbox(ELEMENT *el,char *pars);
void d_pbox(ELEMENT *el,WINDOW *win);
char *s_pbox(ELEMENT *el);
void d_pcircle(ELEMENT *el,WINDOW *win);
void i_string(ELEMENT *el,char *pars);
void d_string(ELEMENT *el,WINDOW *win);
char *s_string(ELEMENT *el);
void i_tstring(ELEMENT *el,char *pars);
void d_tstring(ELEMENT *el,WINDOW *win);
void u_tstring(ELEMENT *el,WINDOW *win,char *message, int);
char *s_tstring(ELEMENT *el);
void i_tnumber(ELEMENT *el,char *pars);
void d_tnumber(ELEMENT *el,WINDOW *win);
void u_tnumber(ELEMENT *el,WINDOW *win, char *message, int);
char *s_tnumber(ELEMENT *el);
void i_timage(ELEMENT *el,char *pars);
void u_timage(ELEMENT *el,WINDOW *win, char *message, int);
char *s_timage(ELEMENT *el);
void i_textarea(ELEMENT *el,char *pars);
void d_textarea(ELEMENT *el,WINDOW *win);
void u_textarea(ELEMENT *el,WINDOW *win, char *message, int);
char *s_textarea(ELEMENT *el);
void i_textlabel(ELEMENT *el,char *pars);
void d_textlabel(ELEMENT *el,WINDOW *win);
void u_textlabel(ELEMENT *el,WINDOW *win, char *message, int);
char *s_textlabel(ELEMENT *el);
void i_tinarea(ELEMENT *el,char *pars);
void i_tinstring(ELEMENT *el,char *pars);
void i_tinnumber(ELEMENT *el,char *pars);
void i_meter(ELEMENT *el,char *pars);
void d_meter(ELEMENT *el,WINDOW *win);
void u_meter(ELEMENT *el,WINDOW *win, char *message, int);
int c_meter(ELEMENT *el,WINDOW *win,int x, int y, int b);
char *s_meter(ELEMENT *el);
void d_tvmeter(ELEMENT *el,WINDOW *win);
void u_tvmeter(ELEMENT *el,WINDOW *win, char *message, int);
void d_thmeter(ELEMENT *el,WINDOW *win);
void u_thmeter(ELEMENT *el,WINDOW *win, char *message, int);
void i_shellcmd(ELEMENT *el,char *pars);
int c_shellcmd(ELEMENT *el,WINDOW *win,int x, int y, int b);
char *s_shellcmd(ELEMENT *el);
void i_subdash(ELEMENT *el,char *pars);
int c_subdash(ELEMENT *el,WINDOW *win,int x, int y, int b);
char *s_subdash(ELEMENT *el);
void i_tticker(ELEMENT *el,char *pars);
int c_tticker(ELEMENT *el,WINDOW *win,int x, int y, int b);
char *s_ticker(ELEMENT *el);
void d_subscribe(ELEMENT *el,WINDOW *win);
void i_scaler(ELEMENT *el,char *pars);
char *s_scaler(ELEMENT *el);
void d_hscaler(ELEMENT *el,WINDOW *win);
void d_vscaler(ELEMENT *el,WINDOW *win);
void u_hscaler(ELEMENT *el,WINDOW *win, char *message, int);
void u_vscaler(ELEMENT *el,WINDOW *win, char *message, int);
int c_hscaler(ELEMENT *el,WINDOW *win,int x, int y, int b);
int c_vscaler(ELEMENT *el,WINDOW *win,int x, int y, int b);
int c_tinarea(ELEMENT *el,WINDOW *win,int x, int y, int b);
char *s_tinarea(ELEMENT *el);
int c_tinnumber(ELEMENT *el,WINDOW *win,int x, int y, int b);
char *s_tinnumber(ELEMENT *el);
int c_tinstring(ELEMENT *el,WINDOW *win,int x, int y, int b);
char *s_tinstring(ELEMENT *el);
void i_plot(ELEMENT *el,char *pars);
void d_plot(ELEMENT *el,WINDOW *win);
void u_plot(ELEMENT *el,WINDOW *win, char *message, int);
int c_plot(ELEMENT *el,WINDOW *win,int x, int y, int b);
char *s_plot(ELEMENT *el);
void draw_invisible_element(ELEMENT *el,WINDOW *win);