A fast MQTT dashboard application and rule engine framework written in C for Linux, Raspberry Pi and WINDOWS.
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# This is the main dashboard which opens, when hyperdash is called from the
# system panel. It contains only static elements because a broker need not
# necessarily be installed. Of courseit is not of much use this way, but
# can show the basic functions of hyperdash...
# Global settings and default values
BROKER: URL="tcp://localhost:1883"
PANEL: TITLE="MQTT-Hyperdash main.dash" W=420 H=540 FGC=$ffffffff BGC=$000040ff
# Static drawing
TEXT: X=64 Y=30 FGC=$ffff00FF h=40 TEXT="MQTT-Hyperdash V.1.03" FONT="Arial_Bold" FONTSIZE=20
TEXT: X=170 Y=65 FGC=$00ffffFF TEXT="(c) Markus Hoffmann et al." FONT="Arial" FONTSIZE=10
FRAME: X=50 Y=30 W=260 H=50
# TEXT[0]="0|Null|$ffffffff" \
# TEXT[1]="1|Eins|$ff00ffff" \
# TEXT[2]="2|Zwei|$ffff00ff" \
# TEXT[3]="3|Drei|$5f3f00ff" \
# BGC=$000040ff
BITMAP[0]="0|Disc1|$ffffffff" \
BITMAP[1]="1|Disc2|$ffffffff" \
BITMAP[2]="2|Disc3|$ffffffff" \
BITMAP[3]="3|Disc4|$ffffffff" \
TEXT: X=5 Y=100 FGC=$ffffFFFF TEXT="This is just a demonstration dashboard" FONT="Courier_New_Bold" FONTSIZE=16
TEXT: X=5 Y=116 FGC=$ffffFFFF TEXT="with static elements." FONT="Courier_New_Bold" FONTSIZE=16
TEXT: X=5 Y=132 FGC=$ffffFFFF TEXT="You should create your own for your" FONT="Courier_New_Bold" FONTSIZE=16
TEXT: X=5 Y=148 FGC=$ffffFFFF TEXT="Smart Home." FONT="Courier_New_Bold" FONTSIZE=16
TEXT: X=5 Y=164 FGC=$ffffFFFF TEXT="Folow the options below..." FONT="Courier_New_Bold" FONTSIZE=16
BOX: x=5 y=200 w=410 h=30 FGC=$00ff00ff
TEXT: X=15 Y=200 H=30 FGC=$ffffFFFF TEXT="right click opens a file selector" FONT="Arial_Bold" FONTSIZE=16
ICON: x=70 y=250 ICON="dashtree.png" BGC=$ffffffff
DASH: x=70 y=250 w=122 h=65 DASH="mainroot_hd"
FRAMETOGGLE: x=70 y=250 w=122 h=65
TEXT: x=70 y=320 TEXT="Generic Dashboards" FONT="Arial" FONTSIZE="14"
TEXT: x=220 y=270 TEXT="You need to create the local" FONT="Arial" FONTSIZE="12"
TEXT: x=220 y=290 TEXT="dashboard tree to make that work" FONT="Arial" FONTSIZE="12"
LINE: x=217 y=285 X2=195 Y2=270 FGC=$ffffffff
SHELLCMD: x=270 y=500 w=130 h=25 CMD="bitmap &"
PBOX: x=270 y=500 w=130 h=25 BGC=$444444ff
TEXT: x=280 y=500 w=130 h=25 TEXT="bitmap editor" FGC=$ffffffff FONT="Arial_Bold" FONTSIZE=16
FRAMETOGGLE: x=270 y=500 w=130 h=25
SHELLCMD: x=20 y=500 w=240 h=25 CMD="firefox https://github.com/kollokollo/MQTT-Hyperdash &"
PBOX: x=20 y=500 w=240 h=25 BGC=$444444ff
TEXT: x=30 y=500 w=240 h=25 TEXT="MQTT-Hyperdash Homepage" FGC=$ffffffff FONT="Arial_Bold" FONTSIZE=16
FRAMETOGGLE: x=20 y=500 w=240 h=25
SHELLCMD: x=220 y=460 w=180 h=25 CMD="dashdesign &"
PBOX: x=220 y=460 w=180 h=25 BGC=$444444ff
TEXT: x=230 y=460 w=180 h=25 TEXT="Dashboard Designer" FGC=$ffffffff FONT="Arial_Bold" FONTSIZE=16
FRAMETOGGLE: x=220 y=460 w=180 h=25
#SHELLCMD: x=20 y=460 w=240 h=25 CMD="firefox https://github.com/kollokollo/MQTT-Hyperdash &"
#PBOX: x=20 y=460 w=240 h=25 BGC=$444444ff
#TEXT: x=30 y=460 w=240 h=25 TEXT="MQTT-Hyperdash Homepage" FGC=$ffffffff FONT="Arial_Bold" FONTSIZE=16
#FRAMETOGGLE: x=20 y=460 w=240 h=25
SHELLCMD: x=20 y=420 w=200 h=25 CMD="sh /usr/share/hyperdash/create_tree.sh &"
PBOX: x=20 y=420 w=200 h=25 BGC=$444444ff
TEXT: x=30 y=420 w=200 h=25 TEXT="Create local dashboard tree" FGC=$ffffffff FONT="Arial_Bold" FONTSIZE=13
FRAMETOGGLE: x=20 y=420 w=200 h=25
DASH: x=230 y=420 w=170 h=25 DASH="remote_tree"
PBOX: x=230 y=420 w=170 h=25 BGC=$444444ff
TEXT: x=240 y=420 w=170 h=25 TEXT="remote dashboard trees" FGC=$ffffffff FONT="Arial_Bold" FONTSIZE=13
FRAMETOGGLE: x=230 y=420 w=170 h=25
PBOX: x=20 y=380 w=380 h=25 FGC=$0ff BGC=$0ff
FRAME: x=18 y=378 w=384 h=29 REVERT=1
TOPICSTRING: x=25 y=380 w=375 h=25 TOPIC="MQTT_HYPERDASH/STATUS_SM" FGC=$ffffffff \
FONT="Courier_New_Bold" FONTSIZE=16 BGC=$ff
DASH: x=20 y=460 w=190 h=25 DASH="mosquitto"
PBOX: x=20 y=460 w=190 h=25 BGC=$444444ff
TEXT: x=30 y=460 w=180 h=25 TEXT="local broker statistics $SYS/" FGC=$ffffffff FONT="Arial_Bold" FONTSIZE=13
FRAMETOGGLE: x=20 y=460 w=190 h=25