A fast MQTT dashboard application and rule engine framework written in C for Linux, Raspberry Pi and WINDOWS.
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16 lines
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BROKER: URL="tcp://localhost:1883"
PANEL: TITLE="Button Test Dashboard" W=512 H=400 FGC=$ffffffff BGC=$000040ff
# Static drawing, headline etc...
TEXT: X=20 Y=10 H=60 FGC=$ffffFFFF TEXT="Test Dashboard" FONT="Arial" FONTSIZE=36
TOPICIMAGE: x=5 y=70 W=100 H=100 TOPIC="IMAGE"
TEXTAREA: x=5 y=180 W=250 H=100 TOPIC="TEXT" FGC=$ffffFFFF BGC=$000000ff \
FONT="Courier_New_Bold" FONTSIZE=16
FRAME: x=3 y=178 W=254 H=104 REVERT=1