Calculate logitudinal one-dimensional pressure profiles in vacuum pipes.
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Version history of Calcvac/Vacline
up to 2002: Vacline Version 1.00 by Mike Seidel
* no details of the development and version history is known
12/2002 to Mai 2003: Calcvac Version 1.00 by Markus Hoffmann
* Calcvac was written in X11-Basic and used Vacline for
calculation of partial pressure profiles.
* Vacline was improved. The LINKs have been added as additional
boundary conditions
* A User-Manual has been written.
2009 small modifications on VACLINE/CALCVAC
* The C++ compiler version changed and vacline did not compile anymore.
* Adapted calcvac to new version of X11-Basic.
Calcvac/Vacline Version 2.00 Nov 2011
* Repacked what I found (from the 2003 version, with some modifications 2009)
* completely rewrote the into C language. So now it also compiles
for WINDOWS. Maybe introduced new bugs. Be careful! No heavily tested.
* adapted Manual and Man-Pages.
* New fetures: regular expressions may now contain some mathematical functions.
* VACLINE now uses the least square solver (based on SVD) from the lapack
package. You need to have lapack installed on your system.
* 2012-12-18 fixed a bug in utility.c wortsep with overlapping memories caused
problems with new system implementation of strcpy.
* User Manual updated.
* some adaptions and new compile for new users.
Calcvac/Vacline Version 2.01 Nov 2018
* Fixed a bug which only showed on 64bit systems.
* Started to port calcvac to Android.