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# gnome-night-light-slider-extension
Manage GNOME's built-in night light temperature intensity from the panel
Manage GNOME's built-in night light temperature intensity from the aggregate menu!
![extension preview](./images/extension.gif)![extension in submenu](./images/show_in_submenu.gif)![extension with brightness sync](./images/brightness_sync.gif)
## options
- Click or scroll the slider to change the Night Light temperature
- Scroll on the indicator to change the Night Light temperature
- The preference panel even supports a quick toggle to enable Night Light if it's disabled!
![extension options menu](./images/options.png)
## preferences
The extension has many configuration options, such as:
![extension preferences](./images/preferences.gif)
- Having the night slider show at all times, even when the night light is disabled
- Disabling the status icon from showing
- Having the extension enable night light throughout the day
- Enabling this will mess up your night light time settings because it periodically changes the night light schedule to keep it enabled all day
- Letting the night light automatically sync with your screen brightness
- This feature only makes sense on some laptops
- Toggling the extension to appear in the night light submenu instead
The extension can be customized with the following preferences:
- Change the slider position in the aggregate menu, either at the top-level or in the Night Light submenu
- Always have the slider shown, even when the Night Light is disabled
- Toggle the indicator visibility
- Swap the axis of the slider
- Sync Night Light slider percentage with brightness (albeit not vice-versa, works well on laptops with well tuned temperature ranges)
- Enable permanent Night Light via having a timer constantly shift and update the Night Light schedule
- Adjust minimum and maximum temperature values
## installation


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