A GNOME extension that adds the option to hibernate amongst other system actions
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The extension uses the meson build system.

  • You can set up a development environment by running meson setup --prefix=$HOME/.local builddir
    • You can optionally configure the locale path by running meson setup --prefix=$HOME/.local -Dlocaledir=$HOME/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions/hibernate@dafne.rocks/locale builddir
  • You can compile and install a build by running meson install -C builddir
  • Changes to the meson.build will require reconfiguring it with meson --reconfigure builddir
  • You can create a packed extension by running meson compile extension.zip -C builddir


  • Additional files to translate can be added by updating the po/POTFILES file
  • The translations .pot file can be regenerated by running meson compile hibernate@dafne.rocks-pot -C builddir
  • To add translations for a new language, add the language code to po/LINGUAS
    • Make sure the language code is unique and sorted by running cat po/LINGUAS | uniq -u | sort > po/LINGUAS
    • Update the list of .po files by running meson compile hibernate@dafne.rocks-update-po -C builddir
  • For additional help, refer to the meson localisation guide