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    • Extract the archive as root from inside a directory (cd dir; tar xf ../kiss-chroot-XX.XX.XX.tar.xz).
    • Run ./bin/kiss-chroot to enter the chroot.


    • Unbundled various libs
    • Switched to b3sum
    • Updated all packages
    • Generated tarball with kiss-bootstrap

    Build flags:

    export CFLAGS="-march=x86-64 -mtune=generic -pipe -Os"
    export CXXFLAGS="-march=x86-64 -mtune=generic -pipe -Os"


    / # kiss list
    b3sum 1.3.1-1
    baselayout 1-8
    binutils 2.39-1
    bison 3.8.2-1
    busybox 1.35.0-6
    bzip2 1.0.8-1
    certs 2022-10-11-1
    curl 7.86.0-1
    flex 2.6.4-4
    gcc 12.2.0-2
    git 2.38.1-1
    gmp 6.2.1-1
    kiss 5.6.4-1
    libmpc 1.2.1-1
    linux-headers 5.15.41-1
    m4 1.4.19-1
    make 4.4-1
    mpfr 4.1.0-1
    musl 1.2.3-1
    openssl 3.0.7-1
    pigz 2.7-1
    xz 5.2.8-1
    zlib 1.2.13-1
    $ sha256sum kiss-chroot-22.11.15.tar.xz 
    20e283e019d1036fa434e29a85f6d6f9717396e39e6fd6d5dbb4394530b4e5f9  kiss-chroot-22.11.15.tar.xz


    Due to an oversight in the new tarball creation script, the setuid bit for the busybox-suid binary was not preserved, leading to a broken su program. Until a new tarball is released, it is required to run the following command to fix the issue:

    chmod u+s /usr/bin/busybox-suid

    Alternatively, busybox can just be rebuilt as root and installed to install a new binary with proper permissions