Powerful software for playing games through text, supporting remote connectivity through services such as Twitch.
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ChatterBot Intro

ChatterBot is a self-hosted chatbot with a simple API. Give it a prompt, and it'll give a response; simple!

TRBot has the ability to interact with your local ChatterBot instance so viewers can talk to a chatbot on stream. This provides an additional level of engagement for viewers.

TRBot provides a pre-configured ChatterBot instance that it can interact with out of the box. It's recommended to use this as a base and configure the code as you see fit.

Setting up ChatterBot

  1. First you will want to install all the dependencies required to run ChatterBot, including Python. See the official docs for setup instructions.
  2. Make sure the value_int column of the chatbot_enabled setting in the database (TRBotData.db) is set to 1. Read this guide if you don't know how to do this. This enables the chatbot.
  3. Check the value_str column of the chatbot_socket_hostname setting and make sure it matches the SocketHost in ChatterBot.py.
  4. Check the value_int column of the chatbot_socket_port setting and make sure it matches the SocketPort in ChatterBot.py.
  5. Spin up your ChatterBot instance with python ChatterBot.py or python3 ChatterBot.py and keep it running in a console window.
  6. You can talk to your ChatterBot instance through the ChatbotCommand on TRBot (default: "!chat"). Type "!chat hi", and, if everything is set up properly, you should see a reply from your ChatterBot instance!