Powerful software for playing games through text, supporting remote connectivity through services such as Twitch.
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Migrating Data

2.x to later 2.x

Simply run the newer version of TRBot with your existing database to automatically apply all migrations - that's it for the data! Afterwards, run the UpdateEveryoneAbilitiesCommand (default: "!updateeveryoneabilities") to apply user abilities introduced in the new release to all users in the database. If you find that you don't have permission to perform actions you were able to do in previous releases, this will solve that.

If you encounter a problem with migrating data to a new version from a 2.x release, please file an issue!

1.8 to 2.0+

Version 2.0 and onwards utilize a SQLite database to manage data. There is a TRBotDataMigrationTool designed to migrate your data from 1.8 to 2.0. Before running the tool, migrate your data from 1.7 to 1.8 if you haven't already!

Steps for migration:

  1. Back up your BotData.txt and Settings.txt files somewhere safe. The migration tool only reads these files, but you never know. Better to be safe than sorry.
  2. Have your BotData.txt and Settings.txt files in the same directory as the migration tool. They can be anywhere else, but this makes typing in the path easier.
  3. Run the migration tool. It will initialize the new database file to store all your data.
  4. The migration tool will prompt you for the path to load your BotData.txt file.
  5. Input the path to BotData.txt.
  6. Wait for the tool to finish importing your bot data. It will output what data it's importing and if there are any errors importing your data.
  7. The migration tool will then ask for the path to load your Settings.txt file.
  8. Wait for the tool to finish importing your settings. It will notify you if there are any errors importing your settings.
  9. That's it!

If you wish to skip loading either BotData.txt or Settings.txt, you can type "skip" when prompted for the path to the respective file. The migration tool will mention this.

Notes on migrating:

  • Some data from 1.8 is either not implemented in TRBot 2.0 or has a vastly different structure and cannot be imported. In most cases, 2.0 has improved equivalents.
  • LoginInfo.txt has been renamed to TwitchLoginSettings.txt. The data is otherwise identical.
  • No other data files from your 1.8 install aside from BotData.txt and Settings.txt are required.

For information on managing your new database, please see Managing Data. If you experience errors migrating your data that the error messages don't help with, please file an issue!

1.7 to 1.8

Version 1.8 has a minor change in the InputAccess data structure. Find the following section in your BotData.txt file:

"InputAccess": {
    "InputAccessDict": {
      "ss1": 2

Replace each entry like so:

"InputAccess": {
    "InputAccessDict": {
      "ss1": {
        "AccessLevel": 2,
        "AccessType": 0,
        "AccessVal": null

The number beside the input name in 1.7 should be the value of "AccessLevel" in 1.8. The "AccessType" and "AccessVal" are not used, yet they are required to load the data.