XMPP Ariadne Proof Utility to upload and manage proofs inside XMPP accounts. https://xmpp-util.keyoxide.org
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XAPU - XMPP Ariadne Proof Utility

This utility allows you to upload and manage Ariadne proofs in your XMPP account.

Hosted at xmpp-util.keyoxide.org.

It's a static page that runs entirely in the browser so feel free to host it yourself on your own server.

How it works

This utility logs in to your XMPP account and creates a new public pubsub node (if it doesn't exist yet) dedicated to Ariadne Identity proofs. You are able to create new proofs and remove existing proofs. There's a button to reset the pubsub node for troubleshooting and even the possibility to remove the pubsub node if you no longer wish to use proofs.


The included files are:

  • converse.js (headless) version 7.0.6
  • simple.css version 2.1.1


This utility is a modified version of the XMPP account exporter utility on github by Matthew Wild.