A modern and privacy-friendly platform to establish your decentralized online identity https://keyoxide.org
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Keyoxide is a modern, secure and decentralized platform to prove your online identity.


Self-hosting Keyoxide is an important aspect of the project. Users need to trust the Keyoxide instance they're using to reliably verify identities. Making Keyoxide itself decentralized means no one needs to trust a central server. If a friend or family member is hosting a Keyoxide instance, it becomes much easier to trust the instance!


The Docker container allows you to easily self-host the Keyoxide project. To get started, simply run:

docker run -d -p 3000:3000 keyoxide/keyoxide:stable

Keyoxide will now be available by visiting http://localhost:3000.


Anyone can contribute if they'd like! No need to be a programmer or technically-oriented for that matter.

Contributing to Keyoxide can happen in many forms:

  • Finding and reporting bugs
  • Suggesting new features
  • Improving documentation
  • Writing code to fix bugs and features
  • Promoting decentralized identity and web3.0

Please note that this project has a Code of Conduct that all contributors agree to abide when participating.

Local development

To run Keyoxide locally on your machine for development:

  • install either
    • NodeJS
      • directly from their website, or
      • using nvm: nvm install --lts; nvm use --lts
    • yarn
  • install dependencies with npm install or yarn
  • run the server with npm dev or yarn dev

Keyoxide will now be available at https://localhost:3000