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A modern, secure and privacy-friendly platform to establish your decentralized online identity

Keyoxide allows you to prove “ownership” of accounts on websites, domain names, IM, etc., regardless of your username.

That last part is important: you could, for example, be ‘alice’ on, but ‘@alice24’ on Twitter. And if your website is ‘thatcoder.tld’, how are people supposed to know that all that online property is yours?

Of course, one could opt for full anonymity! In which case, keep these properties as separated as possible. But if you’d like these properties to be linked and, by doing so, establish an online identity, you’ll need a clever solution.

Enter Keyoxide.

When you visit someone’s Keyoxide profile and see a green tick next to an account on some website, it was proven beyond doubt that the same person who set up this profile also holds that account.

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