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# doip.js
doip.js allows websites and Node.js projects to verify decentralized online
identities based on OpenPGP.
Source code available at [](
Documentation available at [](
## Features
- Verify online identities using decentralized technology
- Based on [OpenPGP](, a widely-used cryptographic standard
- Regex-based service provider detection
- [Mocha]( tests
## Installation (node)
Install using **yarn** or **npm**:
yarn add doipjs
# or
npm install --save doipjs
Import the `doip` module in your code:
const doip = require('./doipjs')
## Installation (browser)
Include the following HTML snippet (requires [openpgp.js](
<script src="/static/openpgp.min.js"></script>
<script src="/static/doip.min.js"></script>
## Quickstart
Run the following javascript:
const verifyIdentity = async (url, fp) => {
const claim = new doip.Claim(url, fp)
await claim.verify()
verifyIdentity('', '9f0048ac0b23301e1f77e994909f6bd6f80f485d')
This snippet works and will verify the []( domain as
bidirectionally linked to Yarmo's cryptographic key.
## About Keyoxide
[Keyoxide](, made by Yarmo Mackenbach, is a modern, secure
and privacy-friendly platform to establish decentralized online identities using
a novel concept know as [DOIP]( In an effort to make this technology
accessible for other projects and stimulate the emergence of both complementary
and competing projects, this project-agnostic library is
[published on]( and open
sourced under the
## Community
There's a [Keyoxide Matrix room]( where
we discuss everything DOIP and Keyoxide.
## Donate
Please consider [donating]( if you think this
project is a step in the right direction for the internet.
## Funding
This library was realized with funding from