Monitor website availability with Bash.
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Site Availability

This program will check a specified list of websites to see if they are available, including if they have a current TLS certificate.

Installation and Setup

  1. Clone this repo into a directory of your choosing.
  2. Make the check_sites file executable: chmod 755 check_sites
  3. Create a file named config with at least one website address in it. Here is an example with two sites:
sites = (


The program is designed to be run manually or via cron. To run manually, cd into the installed directory and run ./check_sites. The results (success or failure) will be shown. Or set up a cronjob like so:

30 * * * * cd /path/to/installed/directory && ./check_sites > /dev/null

Created like that, cron will only send system emails if there has been an error.


This uses the bats-core testing framework and appears to catch at least the most obvious problems with site availability, but you may want to verify this on your own. See the bats-core documentation for information on installation and running the tests.