A simple Telegram bot to provide quizzes for hiragana and katakana
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A simple Telegram bot to provide quizzes for the basic Japanese kana: both hiragana and katakana.

Dedicated to Mina 🎁

Sample instance

A sample instance is hosted for/at @KanaQuizBot, the instance fully complies to this source tree.


Since the codebase is obviously Heroku-ready, I'll only provide instructions for deploying on Heroku. You have to modify the source code a little bit to be able to use it outside the Heroku platform.

  1. Register a new bot on Telegram and a new app on Heroku
  2. Clone this repo and add your Heroku app's git remote
  3. Set BOT_TOKEN config var to your Telegram bot token
  4. Set APP_NAME config var to your Heroku app name
  5. Push the code to Heroku

Don't forget to set the webhook by calling:

curl "https://$APP_NAME.herokuapp.com.com/set_$TOKEN.php"

Add the following commands to the bot:

start - (same as /help)
help - Send the help message
hiragana - Switch the quiz to Hiragana
katakana - Switch the quiz to Katakana
stop - Stops any ongoing quiz


Licensed under the MIT (Expat) license.

Copyright (C) 2021 Karam Assany (karam.assany@disroot.org)