Fork of with --no-install-recommends
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This is a fork of that runs apt install with the --no-install-recommends switch. Everything else is pretty much the same as in upstream.

Add support for apt-based dependencies during both compile and runtime.

Added ability to also specify custom repositories through :repo: in Aptfile (see example below).


This buildpack is not meant to be used on its own, and instead should be in used in combination with Heroku's multiple buildpack support.

Include a list of apt package names to be installed in a file named Aptfile.

To find out what packages are available, see:

See the Heroku Stacks documention for which Ubuntu LTS version is used by each Heroku stack.



To use the edge version (i.e. the code in this repo):

heroku buildpacks:add --index 1


# you can list packages

# or include links to specific .deb files

# or add custom apt repos (only required if using packages outside of the standard Ubuntu APT repositories)
:repo:deb example-distro main