Re-synchronizing changes #2

ka2in merged 30 commits from docs-as-code into main 8 months ago
ka2in commented 8 months ago
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ka2in added 1 commit 8 months ago
ka2in added 30 commits 8 months ago
e9544af6df Adds a separate page on licensing on Codeberg
cdb301cc29 * Extending “Can I host private (non-licensed) repositories?”-question
70db4885ed Add "(ssh fingerprints)" to title (#179)
f1552640e8 add info about failed migrations (#187)
2bda61e74d Diverse changes (#189)
155db25dd0 reduce line width of content (#184)
ka2in merged commit 354b399df9 into main 8 months ago
The pull request has been merged as 354b399df9.
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