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YDNS Bash Updater Script

Forked Changes: The instance is assumed to be running on Oracle Cloud. The YDNS_HOST variable is populated by querying the Instance Metadata for a tag called ydns_host.

This repository contains the bash updater script which can be used on *NIX-like environments to update dynamic hosts. It is recommended to use this script with cronjob to run periodically (preferrably every 15 minutes).

The script uses the YDNS API v1 (dyn-compatible).


First, ensure that your host has curl installed.

  1. Check out the source code (
  2. Place it into desired place and make it executable (chmod +x
  3. Edit the script and update the user and host information to fit your configuration
  4. Run the script (either by single call or set up a cronjob to run it periodically)

Crontab Setup

To run this script every 15 minutes using crontab, add the following line to your crontab list:

*/15 * * * * /path/to/script/ > /dev/null

Although this works on most all implementations of crontab, for more portability use this instead:

0,15,30,45 * * * * /path/to/script/ > /dev/null

NOTE: To gain access to the crontab list to edit and add entries, execute crontab -e at the terminal

Further notes

The code is licensed under the GNU Public License, version 3.


If you like to contribute useful changes to the script, simply fork the project, apply your changes and make a pull request.