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  • Stoic. Red Hat’s EMEA Evangelist. Open Source. Free Software. Open Standards. Munich based. This is my private space to share my code and private projects. @jwildeboer on Mastodon

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Updated 2023-12-11 01:00:19 +00:00

The Codeberg infrastructure using Ansible. Work in progress, not all ancient parts were re-configured using Ansible yet. Documentation is also a big Todo :)

Updated 2023-11-23 03:30:19 +00:00

The Codeberg Pages Server – with custom domain support, per-repo pages using the "pages" branch, caching and much more! Easy to selfhost too!

Updated 2023-11-19 22:57:07 +00:00

Librecast is a project to provide fast, efficient and scalable communication by leveraging IPv6 multicast.

Updated 2023-11-10 19:48:49 +00:00

Help us make Codeberg's instance of Woodpecker CI work better for you ❤

Updated 2023-08-20 22:57:07 +00:00

Some Open Data attempts for Codeberg.

Updated 2023-01-07 01:47:00 +00:00