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default Home 1 Federated power grids, based on Open Standards, wall batteries and renewables.


The Federated Power Grid. For neighbours. Streets. Villages. Cities.

  • Power from the people.
  • Power by the people.
  • Power for the people.

Here's the fundamental idea. Decentralise power generation and consumption. Have Powerwalls (batteries) in every house. Add solar cells to every roof. Water power. Whatever can generate electricity in an environmental friendly way. Heat exchangers. But don't keep the generated electrictiy to yourself. Share when possible. use an Upstream from the grid where the collected electricity isn't sufficient for your street, village, neighbourhood. This approach will deliver independent power most of the time, while greatly reducing the load on the grid. Add electric vehicles and their batteries. You get the idea. We could get really close to free electrictiy very soon. Do the math.