The Federated Power Grid. Based on Open. From hyperlocal to smart villages to smart cities.
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# .woodpecker.yml
image: jekyll/jekyll
secrets: [ cbtoken, cbmail ]
- chmod -R a+w .
- git config --global --add /woodpecker/src/
- git config --global "$CBMAIL"
- git config --global "CI Builder"
- git clone -b pages https://$
- mv fedigrid _site
- chmod -R a+w _site
- cd _site
- git remote set-url origin https://$
- cd ..
- bundle install
- bundle exec jekyll build
- cp domains _site/.domains
- cd _site
- git add --all
- git commit -m "Woodpecker CI Jekyll Build at $( env TZ=Europe/Berlin date +"%Y-%m-%d %X %Z" )"
- git push