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cat <<EOF | xmenu | sh &
Terminal kitty
Web Browser firefox
Calendar kitty -e 'calcurse'
Mail $(mailbox) kitty -e 'neomutt'
Sync Mail mw -Y
Calendar kitty -e 'calcurse'
MpvClip mpvclip
Youtube kitty -e 'youtube-viewer'
Image editor gimp
Char Map gucharmap
Chromium ~/Documents/apps/ugc.AppImage
Libre Sprite ~/Documents/apps/LibreSprite.AppImage
Mumble mumble
Camera mpv --no-cache --no-osc --no-input-default-bindings --input-conf=/dev/null --title=webcam $(ls /dev/video[0,2,4,6,8] | tail -n 1)
Record dmenurecord
kittyop Recording dmenurecord kill
Toogle screenkey killall screenkey || screenkey &
Ncmpcpp kitty -e 'ncmpcpp'
Spotify LD_PRELOAD=/usr/local/lib/ spotify
Config / SysMonitors
PulseMixer kitty -e 'pulsemixer'
Htop kitty -e 'htop'
Network Manager TUI sudo -A kitty -e nmtui
* Managers
Password Managers
Pass passmenu
File Managers
lf kitty -e 'lf'
vifm kitty -e 'vifm'
Nemo nemo