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# This gives the user a list of videos they can select and watch without a
# browser. If you want to check a tutorial video, it makes it easy. I'll
# add/remove videos from this list as I go on.
dwm (window manager)
pacman (installing/managing programs)
status bar
sxiv (image viewer)
st (terminal)
i3 (old window manager)
neomutt (email)
ncmpcpp (music player)
newsboat (RSS reader)
ranger (file manager)
zathura (pdf viewer)
gpg keys
calcurse (calendar)
colorschemes with pywal
vi mode in shell
echo "$vidlist" | grep -P "^$(echo "$vidlist" | grep "https:" | sed 's/\t.*//g' | dmenu -i -p "Learn about what? (ESC to cancel)" -l 20 | awk '{print $1}')\s" | sed 's/.*\t//' | xargs -r mpv