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# A dmenu wrapper script for system functions.
# For non-systemd init systems.
case "$(readlink -f /sbin/init)" in
*runit*) hib="sudo -A zzz" ;;
*openrc*) reb="sudo -A openrc-shutdown -r"; shut="sudo -A openrc-shutdown -p" ;;
🔒 lock slock
🚪 leave dwm kill -TERM $(pidof -s dwm)
♻ renew dwm kill -HUP $(pidof -s dwm)
🐻 hibernate ${hib:-sudo -A systemctl suspend-then-hibernate}
🔃 reboot ${reb:-sudo -A reboot}
🖥 shutdown ${shut:-sudo -A shutdown -h now}"
choice="$(echo "$cmds" | cut -d' ' -f 1 | dmenu)" || exit 1
`echo "$cmds" | grep "^$choice " | cut -d ' ' -f2-`