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# This script does the following:
# Run by itself, set the wallpaper (at X start).
# If given a file, set that as the new wallpaper.
# If given a directory, choose random file in it.
# If wal is installed, also generates a colorscheme.
# Location of link to wallpaper link.
[ -f "$1" ] && ln -sf "$(readlink -f "$1")" "$bgloc" && notify-send -i "$bgloc" "Changing wallpaper..."
[ -d "$1" ] && ln -sf "$(find "$(readlink -f "$1")" -iregex '.*.\(jpg\|jpeg\|png\|gif\)' -type f | shuf -n 1)" "$bgloc" && notify-send -i "$bgloc" "Random Wallpaper chosen."
# If pywal is installed, use it.
# wal -i "$(readlink -f "$bgloc")" -o "${XDG_CONFIG_HOME:-$HOME/.config}/wal/postrun" >/dev/null 2>&1
xwallpaper --zoom "$bgloc"